Stephanie Grisham Claims To Have Shielded One Aide From President Trump

stephanie grisham
stephanie grisham

Donald Trump’s former aide Stephanie Grisham has released a bombshell book that was attacked by the former president. The former White House press secretary has made several stunning revelations in her tell-all book.

The extent of her revelations led Trump to attack her and say that Stephanie Grisham did not have what it takes. The former president spoke through spokesperson Liz Harrington. The latter remains Trump’s only link with the world outside.

In her book, ‘I’ll Take Your Questions Now,’ Stephanie Grisham said that she had repeatedly sought to protect a female aide after she was repeatedly invited by the President to the cabin of Air Force One.

At one time, Trump had even asked Stephanie Grisham to look after her and had even used an invective to refer to her rear.

Trump also sought to endorse the aide, ordering Stephanie Grisham to keep her contented.

Grisham was the press secretary under the president for 9 months. She was then moved to Melanie Trump’s office. She stood down from the post as Melanie’s chief of staff and communications director, after the insurrection in Washington on January 6. A mob, inspired by Donald Trump had attached the Capitol even as Congress was in the process of certifying Joe Biden’s electoral college triumph.

Trump Slams Stephanie Grisham’s Book

Donald Trump’s relationship with Stephanie Grisham had already been tense. The release of her book has not gone down well with the disgraced president. Both Trump and Melanie’s office attacked the book and slammed Grisham.

Trump said that it was obvious from the start that Stephanie Grisham was not qualified enough for her task. He also referred to the breakup of her relationship with Max Miller, a former aide of Trump, and said that it had embittered her.

He said that she was on the payroll of a leftist publisher and was being made to say untrue and bad things. His and Melanie’s office piled on the pressure describing her alternatively as a disgruntled ex-employee.

Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington said that Grisham’s book was a hopeless attempt to profit from his strength and peddle falsehoods about the Trumps.

Stephanie Grisham has described the former President’s anger as ‘terrifying.’ She said she regretted joining the West Wing.