Refugee Cap Finally Raised By The Joe Biden Administration

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Refugee Cap

The White House gave confirmation on the number of Refugee Cap that has been approved by the administration of Joe Biden, the United States President. According to them, the number is 62,500 for the current fiscal year, which is a raised number. This comes after facing harsh criticism as the President did not extend the number stuck to the cap that prevailed during the administration of the former president Donald Trump.

Refugee Cap: From 15,000 To 62,500

A lengthy statement was given by the American President, Biden, as he made announcements with regard to the revised refugee cap. The statement came in this Monday. As he stated out the number, the President also spoke a few lines about the values of the United States of America. He stated that this was the first time that the number had been increased to that limit as the limit that had been approved by the former President was just 15,000. And this was the number that did not do any justice to the nature of America as a country where refugees are supported.

The Democratic President also mentioned the target that he hopes to achieve by the year 2022. It was claimed that the Refugee cap till then would be made 125,000. This was something that complemented the address that he made at the State Department with regard to the foreign policy of the nation.

The announcements that were made this Monday bring back the administration to the proposal that they had made in the month of February. Last month, they had stated that the Refugee cap would not be extended that left many heartbroken. This was what led to a surge of criticism and dissent from many lawmakers belonging to the Democratic party as well as refugee groups.

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