Jimmy Hayes Dies Of Cocaine Overdose

Jimmy Hayes
Jimmy Hayes

Jimmy Hayes was one of the best ice hockey players in America. He played at the right-wing and had great success as a professional. Hayes was a regular at the Toronto Maple Leaf when he started his career in 2008. Jimmy went on to become a fantastic player and eventually made his way into the NHL. The athlete played for a number of teams. 

He donned the jersey for Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, etc. Kevin Hayes is his brother, who is also a professional ice hockey player. In the most unfortunate of incidents, the athlete passed away suddenly. Jimmy Hayes was found dead at his house on 23rd August. Let us find out more about the incident below.

Jimmy Hayes’ Death Shock Near & Dear Ones

After the body of Jimmy was found motionless, no one anticipated the worst. Everybody thought he had probably gone senseless due to some medical condition. But that was not to be. On further examination, the athlete was declared dead by visiting doctors. However, that was not the end. More drama was yet to get unfolded. After thorough investigations, shocking conclusions were drawn. Jimmy was found to have died with an overdose of cocaine. 

The investigating officers sent the body for post mortem. It was revealed that the system of Jimmy Hayes contained traces of Fentanyl & Cocaine. The reports caused utter confusion and shock to the loved ones of the athlete. His wife Kristen Hayes stated that she initially presumed it to be a cardiac arrest. She confirmed not knowing about the drug abuse of Hayes. 

Kevin Hayes Sr is the father of Jimmy Hayes. He said that the story of his son should be spread to raise awareness. Kevin stated that the story would help to prevent more deaths from over usage of drugs. 

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