Kate Quigley Recovering After Surviving Cocaine Laced With Fentanyl

kate quigley
kate quigley

Kate Quigley, the comic, has been reported to be recovering after reportedly ingesting cocaine laced with fentanyl at a Los Angeles party. The cocaine had taken the lives of Fuquan Johnson, her comedian colleague, as well as two more people.

Kate Quigley Should Be Pulling Through

39-year-old Kate Quigley was unresponsive when the police arrived at her Los Angeles apartment in the Venice neighborhood. The comic was recovered early in the morning on the 4th of September, Saturday. When she was taken to the hospital, her condition was declared critical. However, Fuquan Johnson had passed away before help could arrive.

Kate Quigley is currently the host of a podcast known as #DateFails. She also performs regularly at Comedy Store, Icehouse, Laugh Factory, and The Improv. In recent days, Brian Redban had shared an exchange with Quigley over texts. There, the comic said that she was alive, but was not great. 42-year-old Johnson was declared dead where he was found.

The two other people who had died have been identified since then as Natalie Williamson and Enrico Colangeli. Colangeli is a comedian colleague and one of Fuquan’s friends. The news announcing the horrible incident had surfaced on the night of Saturday. However, the prognosis of Kate Quigley was uncertain.

Brian Redban, her friend, has since shared an update regarding her condition on Twitter. He had asked her to text him if she was ok. Kate Quigley is seen to have sent that she was alive and ok, but not great. Redban screenshotted the text and uploaded it. In the caption, he requested viewers to hug whoever they loved. In another post, later on, he pleaded with everyone to give their love to Kate Quigley, his dear friend.

Quigley is yet to make any sort of public statements after being hospitalized.

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