Jingle Ball Will Not Ring In Miami

Jingle Ball
Jingle Ball

Jingle Ball has been scrapped off for this year. The show is a part of the iHeartRadio annual tour. The final stop for the show was Miami. Unfortunately, the show had to be canceled and Miami will not be a witness of the show. The rising scenario of covid has led to such decisions. America is currently going through a sorry state of the covid situation. The covid cases have witnessed a drastic spike in recent weeks. 

Europe has already been on high alert for the omicron scare. The new variant of the virus has been speculated to be deadly than the previous one. This has forced the ministry of Health to re-issue the covid protocols. They have asked the people to maintain proper social distancing. Washing and sanitizing hands have been highly recommended. Wearing of masks and other covid related mandates have been advised as well. 

Such a situation has compelled iHeart to announce the canceling of the show. The company issued an official statement confirming the cancellation. They said that they wanted to take all precautionary measures. The organization emphasized ensuring the safety of their staffs. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Jingle Ball Scrapped Due To Pandemic

It is disappointing news for the fans. The build-up to Jingle Ball was highly hyped. Lots of fans were looking forward to the show ahead of Christmas. The event was expected to take place in the live arena of FLA. A number of big names were listed to perform in the show. 

Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Black Eyed Peas, Bazzi, Monsta X, etc were supposed to perform. The Jonas Brothers opted out of the show recently. Megan also followed suit. Both the stars had infected staffs in their teams. As it stands, 2021 Jingle Ball Miami will be a disappointment.