Joaquin Castro Requests FBI To Be Transparent About The Uvalde School Shooting

Joaquin Castro
Joaquin Castro

Joaquin Castro, a Texas legislator, has asked the FBI to conduct a complete inquiry into the “conflicting stories” of how police responded to the country’s second-deadliest school shooting. A shooter barged into Robb Elementary School and started firing, killing twenty-one persons, including 19 children and two teachers.

Now, law enforcement is being questioned about how they handled the situation. The shooter was on the premises for more than an hour, according to authorities, when cops shot and killed him.

The length of time has sparked outrage and concerns among relatives, who have wanted to know why officials did not attack the scene and put an end to the rampage sooner.

Joaquin Castro Wrote A Letter To FBI Director

Castro, who grew up about 90 miles away in San Antonio, has written to FBI Director Christopher Wray, claiming that “state authorities have presented inconsistent statements that are at variance with those provided by witnesses.” Questions about where gunfire was exchanged and how long cops were in nearby classrooms while the shooter holed himself in a room with children and instructors were among the instances highlighted by the lawmaker.

Joaquin Castro also points out that a period of time between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. has been left unaccounted for. Soon after police substantially changed critical information about how Salvador Ramos, 18, sneaked into Robb Elementary School and massacred 19 children and two teachers, the Democrat posted his letter, making that official request Thursday. He expressed his displeasure with new police information released on Thursday, which contradicted prior reports that Ramos had been approached by a school officer who “engaged” him outside the school.

Joaquin Castro also sought a thorough chronology of how long cops took to attack the classroom where Ramos was locked inside, as well as a “block of time” on Tuesday that “has not to be completely accounted for.” “Parents unsuccessfully asked law authorities to enter the building at this time and confront the shooter,” he said. “Produce a complete, timely, and transparent report on your findings,” he encouraged the FBI director.