Joaquin Castro Spoke On The Issue Of Security At The Capitol

Joaquin Castro
Joaquin Castro

Joaquin Castro, the Representative, gave a statement with regard to the security of the complex of the US Capitol. It was stated that a healthy balance has to be maintained between transparency and safety. 

The Representative added there has to be an environment where the citizens of America can attend and also interact simultaneously. Joaquin Castro also mentioned the fact that the US Capitol has been one of the main targets of the extremists. There was an incident where a vehicle was rammed into the barricade of the police by a man outside the building. This took place on Saturday. Following this, the representative, who is also a member of the committee of House Foreign Affairs and Intelligence expressed his views. He spoke on the importance of the balance that was mentioned earlier. 

Joaquin Castro’s Views

The comments of Joaquin Castro were made following another incident that took place at the Capitol. It led to one casualty. The police of the Capitol also faced an injury. The details with regard to the incident that took place this Friday have not been derived properly. However, what has been received by the official concerned is that it has nothing to do with the issue of terrorism. 

The fencing of barbed wire that was used to surround the Capitol building was brought down last month. It was put up following the deadly riot that broke out after the announcement of the 2020 Presidential elections. Joaquin Castro mentioned the fact that he felt safer to make his visit to the building without the barbed fencing. 

The Texas-based Democrat said that everybody has to be assured about their safety. He also added that it is very likely that some permanent changes will be brought about at both houses of the Capitol following the incident of the 6th of January.