Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Divorced

Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has decided to put an end to her married life. She was married to Michael Polish for almost eight years. Kate announced her decision through Instagram. She stated the news of getting separated from her husband. More details are provided below.  

Kate Bosworth Calls Off Marriage

In the most unfortunate turn of events, Kate decided to end her married life. She stated that keeping in mind the well-being of both, this was the best decision. Kate is thirty-eight years old. She was married to Michael Polish. Kate declared the news of their split up on Instagram. The heartwarming post contained a black and white picture of the couple. 

The picture looked adorable. Both Kate & Polish were seen kissing. It was a snap from 2011. Following the picture, Kate elaborated on the decision of their divorce. She stated that it was a tough decision for them. Kate elaborated on the lovely times they had over ten years. Despite their separation, the couple will continue to share a healthy ratio. She acknowledged their feelings for one another and termed them as never-ending. Bosworth said the bond between them was still strong. It was still the same as it was on the first day of their marriage. Kate promised to keep in touch. She also ensured to stay by Michael’s side whenever he needed her. 

Kate Bosworth also expressed her desire of appearing in a movie with Michael. The couple had appeared together on the big screen thrice. Force of Nature(2020), Before I Wake(2016) & Big Sur (2013). 

Polish was accused of misconduct earlier this year. He allegedly assaulted his crew members. His actions left Jack Renner severely injured. Sources stated that Kate Bosworth had to help Renner to stand up on his feet. 

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