No Decision On Stimulus Check 2 But Additional $300 Is Given In Unemployment Benefits

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

There has been no new progress on Stimulus Check 2 as Congress is finalizing a COVID-19 relief bill as millions of people are losing their unemployment benefits by this month. Last week, key lawmakers made concessions in the hope that a bill could be finalized before the holidays.

The best chance of finalizing any relief would be to add it to the annual spending bill. This comes at a time when eviction moratoriums, student borrower protections, and unemployment benefits are about to expire.

Details On Stimulus Check 2

Last week, lawmakers made a $908 billion relief proposal which has the support of Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and a few Republicans. The proposal includes unemployment relief and aid for local and state governments and businesses. 

With the government shutting down on Dec. 11, Congress will have to vote this week. The bill proposes a $300 per week unemployment benefit. Lawmakers have intended to make this unemployment benefit retroactive to 1st December. In a completely separate proposal, Mitch McConnell has proposed an extension of these benefits for three months.

On Sunday, the lawmakers indicated that the direct payments or stimulus check 2 will only be possible once President-elect Joe Biden gets inaugurated on 20th January. However, during that time, Joe Biden would have to deal with a new Congress, with the distribution of vaccines, a thin Democratic majority, and a divided Senate.

There would also be a moratorium on lawsuits related to COVID-19 against companies. The bill also involves funding for schools, transit authorities, student loans, health care, and small businesses. It includes easing the process of coronavirus tracing, vaccine distribution, and testing.

McConnell’s plan involves aid for businesses, liability protections, and provisions for the department of education.