Dwyane Johnson Says He Will Never Rejoin Fast And Furious Franchise

Dwyane Johnson
Dwyane Johnson

Johnson had been cast in Fast and Furious 5. Dwyane has put speculations, of him returning to the 9 movies strong franchise, to rest. He and his former co-star Vin Diesel had altercations in the past. 

Dwyane Johnson Holding Grudges?

Fast and Furious lead, Vin Diesel, has offered the white flag. He wants them to let bygones be bygones. He would love a fresh start for them. Vin wants the Rock to rejoin his FF family. 

On Wednesday, Dwyane was asked about his answer to Vin Diesel’s peace offering. He explained that in June, Diesel and he had connected, not through social media. Dwayne flat-out refused to take Diesel up on his offer. 

Dwyane Johnson continued that even though he does not want to return to the Fast and Furious family, he will always pray for their success. He said that he was cordial with Diesel. Dwyane has nothing but love in his heart for the franchise and the cast. Even so, he would not like to return. 

Dwyane Johnson discussed his decision with his colleagues at Universal too. They fully understood Dwyane’s logic behind his answer. The partners seconded his decision. 

Dwyane Johnson expressed his comfort with the vague post that Diesel uploaded in November. In the post, Diesel requests Dwyane to return to FF as the finale begins. He even said that his children refer to Dwyane as their uncle. Diesel also used a Paul Walker reference.

Dwyane referred to the post as manipulative. He did not understand why Diesel had to bring up his children and Paul Walker’s passing. He explained that he had cleared things up between the two. He very gracefully refused to return to Diesel’s franchise. 

Diesel’s public plea made him feel very uncomfortable. Dwyane’s dream of leaving the franchise with grace and gratitude has been ruined. 

Fast and Furious co-stars have been bickering all during and after the shoot. The Titans of Hollywood had a very public feud. In 2016, Dwyane uploaded a post on Instagram in which he questioned Vin Diesel’s professionalism. 

Later in June, Diesel explained that Johnson’s animosity was because of his tough love. The back and forth went on for a while. Seems like Dwyane does not want to return to a toxic workplace. 

The Fast and Furious installment 9 through 11 will be the conclusion of the franchise. Directed by Justin Lin, Fast 10 will release in May 2033. 

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