Jodie Turner-Smith Just Ticked Off A Wish From Her Bucketlist

Jodie turner-smith

The 36 years old British actress always wanted to work alongside Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Jodie Turner-Smith got her wish fulfilled. She worked in a recent Murder Mystery 2. She always wanted to be a part of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s cinematic universe of comedy. However, this is not her first comedy film. She has worked on famous projects before.

Jodie Turner-Smith Moved By The Hospitality

It was Jodie Turner-Smith acting in Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s cinematic universe. The way they treated her, she was amazed. She already wished to work with them again. Jodie Turner-Smith played the role of the shady countess. She was not very nice, but it was a new and funny experience for her. She loved it through and through whatever she did.

Jodie Turner-Smith did love being at the top and acting like a boss all the time. This is not her first comedy film, she has done White Lotus before. She is herself a very down-to-earth type of woman. Her character also plays off that part. Her character was wild. She took the responsibility to clarify when asked. She is a nice and humble person in real life. She loves to lift people, even when she is battling her demons.

Being nice brought her this far, and she couldn’t be enough grateful. In 2013 her film True Bloods did not work the way she hoped. Later she reveal she was in a particular phase of her life where she was trying to figure out what she wants. She submitted herself perhaps to Hollywood. After having kids Jodie Turner-Smith’s life turned 180 degrees. She is busy on and off camera. She is a full-time actress and a full-time mom. But she is in a happy place in her life.