Jack Morris’ Shohei Ohtani Comments Gets Him Suspended

jack morris
jack morris

Jack Morris, the television analyst for the Detroit Tigers, has received an indefinite suspension following comment on Shohei Ohtani. He described the Tigers’ approach towards Ohtani when he was batting for the Angel using an accent. This resulted in the suspension.

Jack Morris Has Since Apologized

Later on, Detroit’s Bally Sport stated the matter on Wednesday. They said that they were extremely disappointed by the remarks of Jack Morris. They added that Jack Morris will be given bias training. The objective will be educating him about his comments’ consequences as well as how to become a better influencer among the varied community. Morris was once a pitcher in the major leagues.

The network explained that they have no space for tolerance in their policy regarding discrimination or bias. As such, they issued a deep apology for Jack Morris’ insensitive remark. Detroit Tigers, as well, revealed in their statement the deep disappointment with Jack Morris’ comments.

The team explained that they completely support the decision of Detroit’s Bally Sport. They also support their continuing commitment to ensuring that all staff conforms to the best personal conduct standards.

In the post-game interview, Shohei Ohtani clarified that he did not take any offense even though the remarks did come to his ears. The Tigers were defeated by Angels in the match. He said that he heard the remark later on as he watched the footage. He also did not have any comments regarding what should be done with Morris.

Later on Tuesday night, Morris apologized publicly about any offense he might have done and clarified that was not his intention. Morris, 66, has been an All-Star 5 times and been a pitcher for fourteen seasons. In 2018, he was also entered into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.