Joe Biden Attended The G7 Meeting In Japan

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The main reason behind this was to take care of the international issue at the moment. War. The Russians intervened in Ukraine. It costs peace all over the world. People of Russia, Ukraine, and the US are living in Terror. They are afraid of war. They are worried that at any moment Russia might bomb their country. Putin has already given a warning to Joe Biden in the US to step back.

In Hiroshima, Japan, all the country leaders met to put an end to this terror. Which is causing sleepless nights.

Now Ukraine is preparing for the counterattack. They are sick and tired of Russian ambushes. All of the leaders agreed to stand against this illegal invasion.

Joe Biden Along With Six Leaders Have Signed The New Sanctions

These sanctions would likely cost Russia. Joe Biden and other Western leaders are trying to tighten the finances together. These methods would probably put a strain on Russia. Apparently, the strain would cost them to produce more combat weapons. Which they are specially making to invade Ukraine in no time.

Joe Biden strongly supports the idea of financial strain on Russia. They won’t be able to weaponize the energy left.

Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Giorgia Meloni, and other prime ministers and presidents were present.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is soon going to visit Japan. According to the source he has been asking Japan for further military support to protect his country.

Joe Biden has provided him with combat weapons and military. The United States also brought 10,000 militaries to the US base camp. They were given proper training for ten weeks.

At last, the consensus all the leaders have come to is not stepping back from supporting Kyiv. They strongly condemn the idea of Russia’s continuously invading Ukrainian territories. Its illegal actions are affecting the whole world.