F-16 Receive A Green Signal From To The US To Export

f-16 Air Force

European allies have brought F-16 jets to provide assistance to Ukraine. They have been waiting for the signal from the US. Now Joe Biden’s administration has given the password to clear the route. 

The European allies have previously exported US-made jets to Ukraine.

Now all the European allies have come together to help Ukraine. The Netherlands also shared some of its fighter jets with Ukraine.

It’s not only Britain or Netherlands, some other countries have also shared the same thoughts to provide jets to their neighboring countries facing a national crisis.

They were hesitant about these jets. 

Kyiv Pilots Going Through Training Before Flying The F-16

The European allies couldn’t believe at first the US would allow them to support Kyiv with F-16 jets in the first place.

They took a lot of time to give permission for the transfer.

The Biden administration wasn’t convinced at first. 

However, the Kyiv Pilots are yet to receive proper permission from the White House before they start training with the original F-16.

America previously demanded that Ukraine needs expensive planes.

The US is still reluctant to give full support to the availability in the Ukrainian territories. Even after being the third party the European allies needed US permission.

The US hesitated when it came to F-16 of their own. They didn’t send it in the first place for unknown reasons or something related to political issues. However, it’s good that they have finally agreed with the European allies.

The US is still discussing even if they are willing to send their own jets to Ukraine.

There is yet no confirmed news on what the future holds. However, they are indeed looking forward to coming to a consensus immediately.

Many Congressmen strongly believe in the idea of jets provided to Ukraine. It will be easier for them to control the skies. Ambush would likely decrease.