Mark Meadows Couldn’t Maintain His Secrecy

mark meadows

Mark Meadows is another official of Trump’s administration. Who has been actively involved in Trump’s misdeeds, and also the January 6th incident. The recent report from January 6th committee disclosed another transcript that boldly shows Mark Meadows’s name on it. And bad news for him there is plenty of witnesses to stand against him.

Some Illegal Activities Led By Mark Meadows

Not only former president trump but his followers were also involved in questionable activities, and according to evidence, Mark Meadows tried to keep close hold oval office meetings. And Cassidy Hutchinson who testified against Mark in court said she has seen him burning paper every day while working.

In early December 2020, she heard Mark Meadows talking about some kind of private meeting or some kind of mission which he tried to keep in under a pirate circle and warmed them about not leaking it.

Mark Meadows’s close hold meeting deciphered as the January 6th incident as per the evidence, but Cassidy was unable to shine the light on that particular thing. And the burnt paper on a daily basis from December 2020 to January 2021 mid-week. All arrows are pointing toward that incident only.

Cassidy didn’t help the law with whether those papas were original documents that deserves the attention of the justice department or were they not so important papers that Meadows burnt on a regular basis. Maybe was trying to get rid of shreds of evidence, which will lead to him, but the efforts went in vain.

Now Hutchinson’s loyalty is questioned whether she is telling the truth or not after she changed her attorney. However, Hutchinson’s ‘truth’ may be creating a lot of trouble for Mark Meadows and his attorney. His involvement with the January 6th incident did prove right for now.

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