Shawn Mendes Opens Up On Social Media After Parting Ways With Camilla Cabello

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes went on social media to thank his followers for all the love they are showering on his latest single “It Will Be Okay.” This song comes a few weeks after the couple had decided to part ways in November. Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes had met in 2014 and after years of being friends, they finally decided to date each other in July of 2019.

Shawn Mendes Struggling With Social Media

Mendes hopped on Insta on Thursday to connect with his fans and be vulnerable with them. Through a video, the 23-year-old singer showed his gratitude for all the people listening and connecting to his newest single. Mendes bared his soul and opened about his current struggle with his relation to social media and how hard it is for him to be on social media as of now.

He continued by talking about how therapeutic and meditative making music is for him. He said that usually while writing songs, he uses it as a medium to get in touch with his innermost feelings which he normally would not be able to access by just conversing with individuals or pondering over it.

Shawn Mendes then shared his reaction to his fans crying after listening to his new heart-touching song. He spoke about the rawness and honesty in the song. He added that he was very proud of his newest release and that he was grateful that his fans could relate to the song and be vulnerable.

He ended the video by once again thanking his fans for the unconditional love and support they are showing and said that it meant a lot to him. He expressed his love and gratitude for his followers. 

The couple has announced their split through a joint statement on Insta. The statement said that their romantic relationship has ended but the love for each other as humans and friends is still as strong as ever. They stated that they will remain best friends and asked the media and fans for their co-operation and support.