Joe Biden Disputes Zelensky’s Claim That Missile That Struck Poland Was Not Ukrainian

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US President Joe Biden has dismissed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim that the missile that landed in Poland killing two people was not fired from Ukraine. Earlier Zelensky had claimed that he was sure that the missile that was full on Poland was not Ukrainian. He had demanded access to the explosion site for his representatives.

Joe Biden responded immediately to the statement and contacted Andrzej Duda, the Polish President seeking clarification of the origin of the missile. The US president was then in Bali attending the G20 summit. Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, and Jake Sullivan, the NSA also contacted their Polish counterparts and participated in the call to the Polish premier.

The US establishment has established that Russia did not launch the missile as alleged by the Ukrainian president and confirmed from President Duda that the missile originated in Ukraine. Russia also categorically denied that any missile was fired near the Russian-Polish border.

Events at the G20 summit were delayed as NATO and G7 leaders huddled after the missile landed near the Polish border town of Przewodow. President Joe Biden clarified after the meeting that it was apparent that the missile was not fired from Russian or Russian-held territory.

Joe Biden And Zelensky Clash Over Origin Of Missile That Landed Near The Ukrainian-Polish Border

Joe Biden said that the trajectory of the missiles clearly indicated that they did not originate in Russia but added that a thorough investigation would be undertaken before the whole picture emerged.

While Ukrainian authorities claimed the missile was Russian-made, Joe Biden said that it was unlikely that the missile took off from Russia.

NATO and Poland are moving towards the conclusion that the missile was a stray fired by the air defense forces based in Ukraine and landed at a grain facility in Poland near the border with Ukraine. Joe Biden said that there was a high probability that the missile was fired by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense systems.

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