PFE Has A Lowered Price Target Of $39


The price objective of PFE has been dropped by analysts who work at SVB Leerink from a sum of $40 to $39 in a Friday research report. According to Benzinga, the research firm has currently put up a rating of market perform on the stock of this pharmaceutical company. The target price of PFE is indicative of an annual growth rate of about 9.34% from the current price of the company. 

The Stock Commentary of PFE

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of PFE. The Royal Bank of Canada has already decided to put up a price target of $42 on the company with a rating of neutral in a 4th January research report. JPMorgan Chase & Co also put up a price target of $36 with a rating of neutral in a 3rd February research report.

TheStreet has reduced the rating of the company from b to c+ in a 5th March research note. Barclays has also gone ahead and increased the price target of the company from $35 to $37, with a rating of equal weight on the stocks of the company in a 4th December research note. In the end, Mizuho Securities decided to decrease the price target from $44 to $42, with a rating of buy. 

Eleven investment analysts working for the stocks of PFE decided to issue it with a rating of hold, while three others gave it a rating of buy. Currently, the company has a hold rating with a $38.47 price target. 

The stocks of PFE traded on Friday at $35.67. The year low of the company is $29.88, while the year high of the company has been $43.08. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $34.69, while the moving average price over 200 days is $36.59.