Joe Biden Exits 2022 More Confident And Optimistic: On The Cusp Of A Turnaround In The New Year

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

As Americans trudged to the end of a tough year, Joe Biden appears to have emerged from it more optimistic about America’s economic prospects. Biden’s team believes that the resilience of Americans has helped the nation stave off the economic catastrophe that followed the COVID-19 pandemic and families are at last getting more breathing space.

Joe Biden had reached out to American allies during his last European to convince them that all is well back home and that the US had shaken off its domestic woes and emerged stronger and more resilient. And as he departs on his annual vacation, he is on the crest of several historic legislative successes and has emerged stronger from the troubles that assailed his administration in the initial months.

Joe Biden Remained Firm In The Strength Of His Policies

It appears that Joe Biden never doubted the economic path he had taken even as people close to him urged the Democrat president to change his approach to counter strong economic and political turmoil that was propelled primarily by spiraling inflation that even threatened his presidency at one stage.

The president made it his top economic priority to tackle inflation and give some form of respite to families. It has been a historic struggle to recover and achieve steady and stable growth.

Right after his world tour in 2021, he found the democratic world truly shaken by events on January 6 that had shaken the very foundation of American democracy. But Joe Biden was firm in his belief that the storm was temporary and America would ride through and emerge stronger.

The strongest indication of a turnaround has been that for the past several months, the increase in wages has been higher than the increase in prices. Gas prices have also eased a lot and are at manageable levels since summer and the year-on-year inflation has eased a lot.