Cori Bush On The Subject Of “Qualified Immunity”

Cori Bush
Cori Bush

Cori Bush, the US Representative from the Democratic Party, gave a statement with regard to the new legislation that deals with the reform of policing. She was clear to admit the fact that she will not be extending her support to the reform by voting. It is regarded that the new reforms bring about a compromise in the protection of the civil lawsuit that is afforded to the police officers as of now. The statement comes following the initiation of the bill that deals with the accountability of the federal officers, on Capitol Hill.

Cori Bush’s Straightforward Statements 

The Missouri Representative gave the statement on a platform of one of the popular news channels over the country. Cori Bush had been particularly asked about the subject of qualified immunity that had to be compromised. It is to be noted that the immunity in question is floated by Tim Scott, the Republican Senator belonging to South Carolina.

The Democratic Senator’s answer to this was quite clear. Cori Bush stated that she did not join the US Congress in order to compromise on the things that could keep them alive. She further added that qualified immunity is not needed if nobody is hurt and everything is carried out in a fair manner. 

Cori Bush has been one of those lawmakers to make a fierce argument with regard to the reform effort of federal policing. They have pointed towards the fact that for some people, qualified immunity is nothing but a sticking point in the talks that take place on the floor of the Congress. The George Floyd Justice act got passed in the House without any support from the Republican party. It took place in the month of March.

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