Official Pictures Out Of And Just Like That Season 2: First Pictures Show Sarah Jessica Parker And John Corbett Back Together

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Following season 1 of And Just Like That fans will again get to see Sarah Jessica Parker embracing life as Carrie in Season 2. The much-anticipated sequel is a continuation of the immensely popular Sex and the City that was on HBO in the late nineties.

It is a story that fans would love to see unfold. In the initial images from the upcoming season released for fans, Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett are seen on the streets of Manhattan. Corbett reprises the role of Aidan Shaw in the series even as the caption reads, “shh, don’t tell anyone.”

Plenty of fans root for Corbett and Sarah Jessica Parker and the pictures are preparing them for the second season. Fans of the series know that much is going on between Aidan and Carrie. Corbett reprises the role of the intermittent boyfriend of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character.

Samantha Will Remain Only As A Text Friend To Sarah Jessica Parker

One character that is certain to be missing is that of Kim Cattrall, played by the effervescent Samantha Jones. She has declined to be part of the sequels and there are no indications that she has since changed her stance.

But Samantha will live on as a text friend to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character.

Like the previous season, the major points of the plot of And Just Like That Season 2 will stay under wraps till it is finally released. But fans continue to conjure storylines of their own. In the final episode of Season 1, Sarah Jessica Parker hosted Sex and the City, her new advice podcast, single-handedly. This was after X, Y, and Me ended, led by Che Diaz.

It remains to be seen whether Carrie carried on imparting her widow or whether Franklyn will continue producing the show. HBO Max has not announced its release date for the second season of And Just Like That.

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