Joe Biden Has Been Tested Positive For Covid

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has recently tested positive for the coronavirus, which has definitely raised some concerns regarding his health- along with how the pandemic has been underscoring his presidency. The official statement from the White House has stated that Biden, who has already received his vaccination and has also been boosted doubly had been experiencing extremely mild symptoms.

As a result of that, he has also been taking Paxlovid, the antiviral pill from Pfizer. The drug, when consumed within the first five days of symptoms appearing, has been known to reduce the risk of hospitalization as well as death by close to 90% among adults who are at the highest risk of facing severe illness. 

Joe Biden Has Mild Symptoms For The Virus

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House stated that Joe Biden has already isolated himself at the White House, and will dutifully be carrying out all of the guidelines and his duties as accorded by the CDC. The isolation period for the POTUS will be around five days, but the president is not supposed to get back to normal activities until he has already received a negative antigen test- which was reported by Ashish Jha, the Covid response coordinator for the White House in the press briefing on Thursday. 

Joe Biden had already taken the PCR test which was construed as part of a routine screening program, which was informed by Kevin C. O’Connor, the physician of the President in a letter. The POTUS also started experiencing mild symptoms, which include fatigue, a runny nose, and an occasional cough. He also went on to report having restless sleep, but thankfully with normal oxygen levels. 

The announcement arrived just before Joe Biden was about to leave for Pennsylvania for an event that would be discussing the concerns regarding gun violence- while attending a Democratic fundraiser in the evening.