Stimulus Check: Florida To Issue $450 As Surprise Payment

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

With rising inflation putting a lot of pressure on American families in order to meet their needs, the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has been issuing stimulus check payments to a few families in the state. Interestingly, most of the families who did hear about this surprise payment initially thought this to be a scam.

Only after the official announcement was made on social media and a few other platforms did it make it clear to everyone that this payment was real. Just the previous week, Casey DeSantis, the First Lady of Governor went on to announce that a sum of $35.5 million in the state budget will be pushed towards supporting around 59,000 families. The money will be utilized to issue eligible families a surprise stimulus payment from Florida of around $450. 

Stimulus Check Payment To Be Issued In Florida

After the announcement made by Casey DeSantis, the Press Secretary of Gov. Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw went on to tweet about the surprise stimulus check payment on Tuesday. The tweet also carried a picture of the letter that would be accompanying the one-time $450 stimulus payment. The letter states that this payment should be considered as a form of acknowledgment and gratitude for all that the citizens would be doing to nurture the future of Florida. The letter also puts forward the idea that people would be able to do anything with the money- even buy diapers for their kids. 

Single mothers, adoptive families, and foster families will be qualifying for the stimulus check payment. Also, these payments issued from Florida will be a major part of the Hope Florida- A Pathway to Prosperity initiative. This initiative has been led by First Lady Casey DeSantis, and it aims at helping foster and adoptive families in the state. While the objective of the stimulus payment is to offset some of the impacts of inflation, others have been arguing that more money could add to inflation.

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