No Way Home Will Be The Biggest Hit Of 2021

No Way Home
No Way Home

No Way Home is creating huge ripples in the box office. The trailers have already broken many records. Pre-booking sales resulted in the crashing of sites on multiple occasions. The buzz and the interest level of the fans are soaring through the roof. Under such circumstances, it is safe to assume that Marvel is well on course for a joyride. The upcoming Spiderman movie can break many more records. 

Estimated opening day revenues are expected to be touching the sky. The movie is also being compared to “Avengers: Endgame”. With just twenty-four hours remaining for the release, audiences cannot wait to rush to the hall. 

There are many reasons why the movie will be such a hit. There have been many more Spiderman movies in the past. However, No Way Home has a completely different X-factor. This movie is just not a mere Spidey film. It has many elements of surprise and shock that will keep the fans glued. The theory of the Spider-Verse and the Multiverse will be confirmed in the movie. Let us learn more about the movie in detail below. 

No Way Home: A Movie To Remember

The biggest point of interest of No Way Home will be the presence of more than one Spiderman. The possibility of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning is all over the internet. There has been no official confirmation from Marvel, but the interest does not stop. Apart from this, there is a pinch of nostalgia. Previous villains from earlier movies are confirmed to make an appearance. The iconic villains of Green Goblin, Dr.Octopus, Electro, Lizard & Sandman will be featured in the film.  

No Way Home might also have a sneak peek into Multiverse of Madness with Dr.Strange. All in all, the excitement for the movie is rising. We will have to wait for 16th December to get our questions answered. 

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