Joe Biden Is Making The Arctic Ocean Off Limits

Joe Biden

The 2024 election is just a few months away. The preparation among the political parties is going hard. Joe Biden is just a few steps away from winning the next big election. His position as President of the United States is confirmed for eight years. The Republican party members are also going strong this time. They will not back off. They have placed strong candidates against Biden. The president has already started laying out his plan.

Joe Biden Is Influenced By Greta Thunberg

Teenagers are trying to protect the environment. Among them, Greta Thunberg has taken first place. Her indomitable spirit and motivation to fight have been in the first place till now. The former president has humiliated her spirit and enthusiasm in every way. Joe Biden has taken the message of protecting the environment seriously.

Joe Biden laid out his plan to protect the arctic ocean’s major part. Soon he is going to declare some off-limit portions of the ocean. The companies have been suctioning oil from the ocean without limits till now. Soon there will be limitations to that. Joe Biden and his administration will resume Willow Project to save oil.

They are trying to protect 13 million acres in the Federal national petroleum reserve. They are moving to Alaska to protect over 16 million acres of fossil fuel. By protecting the portion in the ocean they are going to open up a new drill in  Alaska. This would be beneficial and way less expensive.

The Willow project will generate at least 9.2 million metric tons of oil a day. Joe Biden’s decision could bring Alaska more employment. Alaska is already a remote region that needs more economic flow. This confirms Joe Biden’s win in Alaska. The natives are opposing and demanding this would disrupt Biden’s protecting environment movement. The plan is at an early stage so hard to elaborate on the tiny details yet.