Joe Biden Administration Will Approve Oiling Projects In Alaska

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The Joe Biden administration has agreed to approve the major oiling projects in Alaska, on the northern slope of the state. As per some inside sources, this approval from ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project will come into action in the next week.

The approval expected in next week is a win for the bipartisan congressional delegation of the state. Apparently this will bring a lot of jobs for the people who stay in that remote area. It is a huge blow to the groups and the Natives of the state who were opposing this decision by the president. Many were convinced that the ambitious goals regarding climate of the president will take a huge blow after the confirmation of the approval.

However, Karine Jean-Pierre, the secretary of the White House has replied to all these comments on Friday where she said that the ultimate decision is already made and the Interior Department of USA will take the important decision independently on this project.

Joe Biden Will Allow Oiling Projects In Alaska:

The secretary said that the final decision is yet to come and people who think the White House has already made up their mind are wrong. ConcoPhillips spokeperson while talking with CNN said that they also are waiting for the final decision and cannot comment further on the matter until the final decision comes.

So, it is still a little bit blurry situation where even the media houses don’t have sources to report whether the Joe Biden government is ready to approve the project that will require three drilling pads or will try for a smaller version with lesser drilling pads. There has been a news floating in Joe Biden’s White House that a smaller project with lesser drill pads can be approved to maintain the balance in the environment.

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