Tucker Carlson’s Footage Involving A Particular Person Doesn’t Prove His Guilt

tucker carlson

Everyone hated the idea of Kevin McCarthy handing out the most controversial January 6th footage to Tucker Carlson. There were some security issues that needed to be secret. The capitol hill building footage might have been exposed. The January 6 committee are trying to protect it from all kind of harm, or maybe an ambush. The majority of the republican party was unaware of the footage being handed out to Fox news hosts. Fox news was the one who started the rumor.

Tucker Carlson Might Have Ignited Another War

Tucker Carlson has previously confirmed that before releasing the footage nationwide, he has discussed it with capitol police. Not only a discussion but also reviewing the footage took place. The footage shows Jacob Chansley’s active involvement along with other mobs. Jacob Chansley’s attorneys have been fighting for him. Jacob Chansley denied all the allegations made against him by Tucker Carlson after leaking the footage.

After Carlson leaked the footage it showed Jacob has been forcibly removed by Capitol Officers. He was an active member in the riot. Jacob’s representatives have asked the judge to throw out the case. They strongly believe Tucker Carlson trying to project Jacob as the main culprit.

The leaked footage by Carlson showed Jacob trying to tackle law enforcement for thirty minutes straight. Chansley’s attorneys argued that the footage of Tucker Carlson televised they failed to show Jacob’s resistance. Tucker is being honest while playing the video of the capitol building attacks coming to a questionable position. Jacob’s lawyers put Carlson in a questionable position. About him being brutally honest regarding the footage and not editing any part of it.

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