President Joe Biden Believes The Overturning Of Roe v Wade Would Be A Precursor

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President Joe Biden believes that if the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v Wade’s holding of a federal constitutional right to abortion, several other landmark cases could be next. He mentioned on Wednesday that the Supreme court could be looking toward striking off same-sex marriage to contraception access. Speaking at a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser in Chicago, the POTUS stated that it wasn’t just the brutality of taking away the rights of a woman regarding her body- it was also indicative of a removal of a right to privacy. And if this actually took place- same-sex marriage could be next on the agenda. 

Joe Biden Is Afraid Of A Republican-Ruled Senate

The Court, President Joe Biden stated, could be doing the same for Griswold v. Connecticut- the 1965 case in which the court had indicated that the Constitution would be protecting the right to marital privacy against multiple state restrictions on contraception. The comments of the President do mark the most explicit warning that he has ever provided considering the possible ramifications that could come with the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court on Roe. should it actually become official. 

President Joe Biden was pretty upfront in his opinions about the Republican Party, where he referred to the GOP as extreme, petty, and cowered by Donald Trump. The fact of the matter was that they ran the show- and the rest of them were simply puppets. Biden had previously stated that if the final opinion of the Supreme Court was to be issued along the lines of the draft, it would be quite a radical decision that would throw into question a whole bunch of rights. 

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden made it clear that if the Republicans did win back the House or the Senate, times would get extremely difficult.