Joe Biden States How Putin Was Committing Genocide

Joe Biden

On Tuesday, President Biden stepped up the administration’s rhetoric against Russia by accusing Vladimir Putin of genocide.

During a discussion of recent initiatives to alleviate increased gas costs brought on by the invasion of the nation of Ukraine, Vice President Joe Biden made the comment.

Joe Biden’s Statements In A Brief

He addressed a crowd in Menlo, Iowa, “I’m doing everything within my ability via executive actions to lower and address the Putin escalation of price.”

You shouldn’t have to worry about how much it costs to feed your family or fill up your gas tank based on whether or not a tyrant half a globe away declares and commit genocide, Biden added.

Although Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for “genocide,” the US administration has stopped short of using that phrase to describe Putin’s actions in that country.

After some back-and-forth with reporters, Biden reiterated his opinion that Putin’s acts amount to genocide but said the final decision will be made by his attorneys.

It’s “becoming more evident” that “Putin is essentially attempting to wipe off the concept of being Ukrainian,” Biden added. The evidence is piling up.

And we’re just going to discover more about the destruction, and we’ll let the lawyers determine on a global scale whether it counts, but it certainly appears like that to me, he said.

Joe Biden’s remarks were praised by Zelensky, who called them “the authentic words of a great leader.”

The president of Ukraine said in a tweet, “Calling things by their names is necessary to stand up to evil.” We really appreciate the support we’ve received from the United States so far, but we need additional heavy weaponry immediately to combat any potential Russian aggression.

Biden’s remarks came a week after horrifying photographs of human dead on the streets of the town of Bucha, located near Kyiv, and a few days after Russian missiles attacked a railway station in Ukraine, killing more than 50 people.

On Monday, Joe Biden was asked whether he thought the deaths in Bucha were genocide. He said, “No, I believe it is a war crime.”

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