During A Crucial 2024 Campaign Swing Through The West, Joe Biden Aims To Revitalize A Broad Coalition

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This week, President Joe Biden is traveling to Nevada and Arizona, two Western battleground states, to bolster his reelection campaign and secure support in crucial regions he hopes to hold against outgoing President Donald Trump in November.

Biden will focus his speech on initiatives to lower housing costs and generate employment in manufacturing and renewable energy, demonstrating to voters that his policies are beneficial to them. During the tour, he will also emphasize early organizing efforts in these two states, which the campaign regards as “core” to winning the election. 

Joe Biden’s Team Believes That A Variety Of Topics Will Lead To His Victory 

The president is also trying to win over Latino voters, who account for a significant percentage of those who cast ballots in Arizona and Nevada, as his predecessor attempted to do. This population has always been important to the Democratic coalition. The “Latinos con Biden-Harris” organizing drive was introduced by Biden on Tuesday night while on a visit to South Phoenix, Arizona.

Even if the president defeated former President Donald Trump in Nevada and Arizona in 2020, preliminary polling suggests that this year may provide difficulties for him in gaining support in these swing states in the West. It is anticipated that Nevada would be a close contest, while in Arizona, a Fox News poll indicated a narrow lead for Trump against Biden—who has also been hurt by poor national approval ratings. However, Joe Biden’s team believes that a variety of topics, such as arguments for democracy and reproductive rights, may help them defeat Trump, particularly with moderate voters.