Joe Biden’s Age Is Not An Issue But An Opportunity

Joe biden

Joe Biden is running for a second term. That is not a surprise however the surprisingly shocking poll came recently. Perhaps a sketch before the reelection. The majority did not vote for Biden. The president is in his early 80s. 51% of Democrats voted he shouldn’t run for the presidency.

There are advisers who strongly believe Biden’s vote will bounce back in no time. They have very little time to “convince” America. He is still fit for the chair. They are currently busy with campaigns and speeches. Former president Donald Trump is also running for the 2024 election. It is yet to be proven if all the candidates are strong enough to compete.

Joe Biden Be The Flag Bearer Of Peace

With everything that has been going on with former president Donald Trump. America as a whole definitely does not want that much “chaos” back in the country.

Joe Biden must be old and experienced enough to run the show. He has been in the political line for over 40 years. He knows the twists and turns perhaps. All of those would bring back political satisfaction to the country. Keeping the foreign enemy out of the borders has been his main priority. He has successfully done that.

Former president Donald Trump has had enough mess to drag the country through the mud. There have been hundreds of cases filed against him. He is fighting them. Instead of denying every one of them. Americans would not risk another Capitol attack in 2024/2025.

Joe Biden can keep the peace in the country. The NBC poll showed only 26% of Americans want Joe Biden to run for reelection. Whereas the majority said he shouldn’t.

Joe Biden is launching his campaign for reelection this week. Which came as a surprise revelation to his own party members perhaps. Everyone believed he would wait till summer.