Kim Kardashian And Delayed Birthday Celebration

kim kardashian

The libra American socialite missed her birthday celebration in October 2022. Kim Kardashian celebrated her birthday in April. During her birthday she couldn’t attend her favorite singer Usher’s concert. Due to terrible weather, she and her friend had to seek shelter almost immediately.

Last week finally Sin City happened to her. She shared lots of stories on her Instagram. She was there with her close friends. And recently rumored finance Lukas Gage. Usher saved Kim a seat in the VIP section. She looked stunning as usual. She definitely took everyone’s attention quite immediately.

Kim Kardashian’s Carbone Party Didn’t Happen Last Fall

Last fall during Kim Kardashian’s birthday was on 21st October. She planned a long night for herself and some of his closest friends, which includes Khloe Kardashian.

They took Kylie Jenner’s private jet. They were planning to join Usher in the sin city. They planned a Carbone dinner after Usher’s concert. It didn’t end well. Unlucky Kim Kardashian couldn’t make anything happen on her birthday. It was so windy the plane couldn’t land. All the girls had to seek immediate and emergency dinner at In -N- Out burger.

Kim Kardashian herself disclosed all the unwanted circumstances via her Instagram story. She posted a photo captioned with how their party went down the hill. Neither the Carbone party nor the Usher’s concert. Usher perhaps knew this happened to her.

He invited Kim Kardashian personally this time. She posted many photos mentioning how her girlfriends are mad at her. They couldn’t join her. She is hoping another trip for Usher only would happen sometime soon. During Usher’s performance, he often encouraged Kim to sing along.

Kim Kardashian chose early 2000s-inspired attire. She wore a latex dress with spaghetti straps. Smokey eyes with black chokers. My hair was all blown out. Elegant yet simple look what she is opting for nowadays.