Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Run Was Financed By Big Donors

Net Zero Federal Order
Net Zero Federal Order

Joe Biden really created a new method to thank his big donors who invested in his Presidential campaign- hopping from high-rises to mansions in Silicon Valley. Biden would also claim that the hardest part for these big donors wasn’t just the donation for the campaigns- it was their names being associated with him. And he further promised to never let them down, which the President mentioned at the home of an executive in Hollywood in late 2019. 

Joe Biden Neglecting Presidential Donors

Yet, things seem to have been changing for the big donors, because nearly 10 months into his presidency, Joe Biden seems to be neglecting his top fundraisers and most loyal contributors- which has surfaced in more than 30 interviews with donors from the Democratic end.

With the loss of the governorship in Virginia this week, the political climate for the Democrats seems pretty dark- with the White House accumulating precious little goodwill among some of the most important donors of the party.

Donor grousing is not exactly a new tradition for US Presidents. Entitled and wealthy contributors would want more access and influence than they already possess. But the sheer size of the complaints about the administration in the White House is striking and a definite concern among allies and officials of the Democratic party who are afraid it could bring about a major backlash among their contributors. 

Donors who have provided suggestions or issued recommendations for lower-level jobs in the Joe Biden administration have complained that they never got a response from anyone. The situation is so dire that even the typical courtesy thank-you cards have also not arrived for people who raised thousands of dollars.