Texas Sued Over Law Curbing Voting


Thursday saw the Justice Department of the United States filing a lawsuit against the state of Texas over a law introduced by the state. The law propounded by the state places strict curbs on voting by direct mail- which turned out to be one of the latest efforts by the Joe Biden administration to fight new restrictions in voting that has been enacted by states controlled by Republicans throughout the nation.

The lawsuit from the department targets the Senate Bill 1 passed by the government of Texas, which was signed as a law by Governor Greg Abbott back in September- stating it violated the rights of the voters. 

Texas Law Put Up In Court By Justice Department

The law in Texas complicates the process of casting ballots through the mail by stopping officials from sending mail-in ballot applications which are unsolicited. The law also brings in new requirements of identification for mail-in voting, which also prohibits drive-through and 24-hour voting locations, while restricting those who would be helping voters requiring assistance because of language barriers or disabilities. 

The complaint from the Department of Justice has alleged that the law passed in Texas improperly restricts voters who are disabled or those who are illiterate to receive assistance at places of voting. The challenged provisions will also alienate the citizens of the state who have been seeking to push through their voting rights- including those with a limited proficiency of English, elderly voters, as well as members of the military deployed away from home. 

Greg Abbott had previously gone on record and defended the voting law in Texas- stating that it was primarily aimed at clamping down on voter fraud. The officials of the state have previously cited the unsubstantiated claims of voting fraud stated by Donald Trump in their opposition to expanding access to voting.

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