Joe Exotic Overconfident To Receive The Presidential Pardon

Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic

Joe Maldonado Passage is popularly called Joe Exotic. He is extremely confident that he will be granted clemency by Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, on 19th January, Tuesday.

The legal team of Joe Exotic has recently stated that they are very confident of getting the presidential pardon and are getting prepared to welcome him outside the prison.

Joe Exotic Awaits Trump’s Clemency

Joe Exotic is presently serving a sentence of 22 years in the federal prison of the United States for 2 counts of ‘murder for hire’ along with 8 counts for the violation of the Act of Lacey for the falsification of wildlife records as well as 9 counts for violating the Act of Endangered Species.

All these facts clearly prove that he does not deserve any amount of clemency and is in prison for the long haul. On the other hand, the legal team of Joe has shown extreme confidence in being granted the presidential pardon.

In addition to their immense confidence, they have also arranged a limousine to take him away from the federal prison. The limousine is currently on standby very close to Fort Worth, the prison that Joe Exotic is kept in which is situated in Texas.

Eric Love, the head advocate of Joe’s legal team, has stated that Tuesday is the day for redemption and his client is sure to receive clemency from Trump. Meanwhile, the entire team of advocates is fighting to get Joe’s freedom.

Love had also filed 257 pages of the application to acquire a pardon in September 2020 and says that he will definitely get a pardon. So they all are waiting with bated breath for the list of 100 people who won Trump’s pardons to be announced.

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