Solomon Yue Claims Of Being Unaware Of Greyson’s Background

Solomon Yue
Solomon Yue

Solomon Yue, one of the top politicians belonging to the Republican party, gave a statement concerning his recent interview that took place over the video-sharing platform, YouTube. The interview attracted a lot of controversies owing to the history of the host. The man who hosted the interview carried extreme racist, pro-Nazi as well as anti-Semitic sentiments. The American-Chinese politician made it clear that he was totally unaware of the background of the host.

Solomon Yue Condemns Them Both

In the video, the Republican hailing from the state of Oregon can also be seen talking about another person whom he constantly praised. As per reports, the man is associated with endorsing the White supremacist theory. As of now, Solomon Yue claimed over new platforms that he was not aware of the nature of both the people. He also claimed that having known about them, both he and the national committee of the Republican party fully condemn them. The interview was held in the month of March of the same year. 

The name of the show that Solomon Yue participated in is “Pure Politics.” The name of the show host is Greyson Arnold. There have been instances where the viewers have witnessed him posting about the Nazis and the Germany that existed during their time with so much enthusiasm. Arnold had asked a question to the top official with regard to Nick Fuentes, one of the far-right activists.

The activist is famous throughout the country for organizing the conference called the “American First Political Action.” He has also been blocked from various social media platforms for promoting the White Supremacist theory. Solomon Yue can be heard saying that he could do something as an official of the Republican party to support people who promoted the “America First” policy.