Joe Jonas Protects Sophie Turner From Rain

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is a well-known personality in Hollywood. He is a multi-talented individual with a specialization in acting. He also takes a significant interest in writing songs. Joe is also famous for his fantastic dancing prowess. Joe shot to fame after the musical band “Jonas Brothers” became a hit. 

The band was created by three brothers namely, Nick, Joe & Kevin. The band became a hit instantly and gathered a lot of momentum among audiences. Joe Jonas has found love in Sophie Turner a long time back. The couple shares adorable chemistry among themselves. 

Both of them seem to be madly in love with each other. A recent incident portrayed the love and care between the two even more. Joe Jonas was spotted protecting Sophie from the rain with an umbrella. Let us take a detailed look at the incident below. 

Joe Jonas Adores Sophie Turner 

Jonas & Turner went out shopping in the western streets of Hollywood. Much to their agony, strong rain accompanied them along their journey. This made things a bit hectic for the couple. Both Jonas & Sophie did not seem to be ready for the harsh weather. 

While making their way through the watery streets, an adorable scene could be spotted. Joe Jonas was seen to be holding an umbrella over Sophie Turner. The couple has remained together for quite some time now and their equation is adorable. The duo gave birth to a daughter recently. She has been named Willa and is currently one year old.  

Joe Jonas sported a varsity jacket which had gray and red designs. Underneath the jacket, he wore a t-shirt that had graphic prints. Jonas complemented his look with perfectly fitted pants. He summed up by wearing a pair of white sneakers. The choice of outfit seemed to be perfect. It enhanced and brightened the overall look of the attire.