Joe Manchin On The Rule Of Filibuster And Politicized Voting Rights

Joe Manchin
Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin, the Senator belonging to the Democratic party, reiterated his decision in going against the voting rights bill. He clearly stated that he will not be changing his plans of not supporting the bill in question. He also mentioned his stance on the rule of the filibuster. The West Virginia senator indicated his decision of not budging from his stance when it comes to introducing changes in the rules of the Senate.

Joe Manchin To Not Budge

To trace the words of Joe Manchin, he stated that the reason why he is not approving the “For the People Act” is due to the effect it might have on the democracy of the country. Something which is already in danger. Joe Manchin called it a “partisan voting” law. The moderate Democrat further stated that he will not be eliminating the rule of the filibuster. He mentioned that he will not approve the changes to help the Democratic party claim the agendas of Joe Biden, the President of the country. The views of the West Virginia senator were recorded this Sunday.

Of all the decisions given by Joe Manchin, the one that has the most negative effect on the administration of the Democratic President is the one that involves the rule of the filibuster. It will continue in acting as a roadblock for the imposition of policies of President Biden. As of now, the Republican politicians hold the power to block any policies of the Democratic party that is deemed too progressive according to them. A few of those include the legislation on climate change, the spending on infrastructure, and the legislation that involves federal voting.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin stated that the right to vote, which is a fundamental right, has been used a lot by politicians for their own benefit. Stating the importance of the rule of the filibuster in the country, he stated that some members of his party were failing to acknowledge how the rule had been helpful to the party in the past.    

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