Ted Budd Has The Full Support Of Former President Trump

Ted Budd
Ted Budd

The campaign of Ted Budd, the Representative, was supported by Donald Trump, the former President of the country, out in the public. The incident took place this Saturday. The former President also made the announcement that Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, would not be part of the Republican party’s primary for the open seat in the year 2022. Ted Budd is currently campaigning for the Senate in the state of North Carolina.

Ted Budd For North Carolina

Former President Donald Trump spoke a few lines appreciating the businessman and politician from the Republican party. Trump used some good words to describe the Representative. He used the terms like “very special” and “a great politician.” The former Republican president stated the fact that Ted Budd had so much love for the state of North Carolina. The kind words were spoken at one of the conventions of the GOP that were attended by Donald Trump in the city of Greenville in South Carolina. Donald Trump concluded his speech by claiming the Representative as the “next senator.” The speech was a symbol proving that Ted Budd has unlimited support from the former Republican President. 

Ted Budd made his entrance into the US Congress in the year 2016 when he got elected. He made the announcement in the month of April stating that he will be appearing as one of the nominees from the Republican Party for a seat in the Senate. As of now, the seat is taken up by Richard Burr, the retiring Senator who has been elected for a total of three terms. The announcement of the campaign of Representative Ted Budd included a very expressive video. In the video, there was footage revealing him driving one of the monster trucks over some cars that had “liberal agenda” written on it.