Joe Manchin, The Democratic Senator, Supports A “Narrower Scope” Bill

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

It is clear that Joe Manchin, the Senator, has no such plans to support the overhaul of campaign finance and sweeping elections. All these are being looked after by the members of the Democrat party. And it is done in order to blunt the state-level efforts of the Republicans so as to put a restriction on voting access. All this information was derived from one of the spokespeople from the Democratic party for the state of West Virginia this Wednesday. Joe Manchin instead suggested pushing the legislation, the scope of which would be narrower compared to the path forward.

Joe Manchin’s Opinions

As per the package of the voting rights, a total of 15 days of early voting would be mandated. The voter registration would be done on the basis of the same-day registration. It also limits the state’s ability to ban the system of mail-in voting as well, including using ballot boxes. Not only that but the package also includes rewriting the rules of campaign finance for the federal government, lays down the new requirements when it comes to the ethics of the President. And finally, it seeks to put an end to the gerrymandering of the political parties. 

However, the 73-year old Joe Manchin had mentioned the reservations regarding moving forth with a far-sighted measure without any support from the opposition party. The suggestions he has made when it comes to the legislation can proceed. But it brings with it a piece from the past. That is the Voting Rights Act from the year 1965. The support provided by Joe Manchin for the bill had been reported primarily by one of the popular news sources, ABC News.

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