Ken Paxton Denied To Testify In Court Against Evil Powerplay

ken paxton
State Attorney General Ken Paxton holds a press conference at the Houston Recovery Center on October 26, 2021.

Ken Paxton is an attorney general by profession. He has been a target of evil powerplay in the Senate House lately. His attorneys have responded on his behalf for not testifying in court. He believes a completely vague powerplay has taken over. Thus, he has become the victim of the circumstances.

He has already been suspended. And attorneys have mentioned his client will not take part in the sham. If he does, that would be allowing others to further kangaroo court. They wouldn’t want to encourage such behavior. Illegal house action has taken place lately. And that has made him the victim.

Ken Paxton Found Himself In A Legal Turmoil

He has been serving as the state attorney for a year, even after finding out about the close relationship he had with Former President Donald Trump. Ken Paxton has fought legal battles for Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Thus allowing him to know all the loopholes. He has managed to stay aloof after all the misdeeds.

Ken Paxton has been a top prosecutor in Texas. It has given him enough power to turn any events that weren’t in his client’s favor. In the 2020 election, he challenged the result in court. Recently Ken Paxton has targeted the hospitals of Texas that were providing sex transition-related help. And it has also provided help to transgender minors.

Many are happy seeing him getting suspended. He has been mistreating people around him, now he is being treated approximately. Ken Paxton is already facing a legal battle with the FBI. The governor will likely play the role of a judge, and other senate members will be the jury. Thus, Ken Paxton realized he was going to be crucified. And his wife isn’t allowed to vote for him.