Joe Manchin On Being Called A “Roadblock” For The Legislations Of Biden

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

Joe Manchin, the Senator from the Democratic Party, gave a statement with regard to his interference in the legislative agenda of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. The statement came in this Sunday. The Senators cleared the fact that he is not acting as a “roadblock” for the President. Although it is true that he does go against some aspects of the Democratic President, especially with regard to the infrastructural proposals, he cannot be considered to be a roadblock. 

Joe Manchin’s Side Of The Story

The moderate senator from West Virginia stated it was quite clear on his statement. He gave the above statement when he was asked about the opinions of those Democrats from the party who look at him as a big challenge. The statement was given on a platform of a popular news channel. Joe Manchin has a very important position in the US Senate owing to the fact that the party that he belongs to does not have a very tough hold.

The West Virginia Senator cleared some very famous criticisms made against him on the platform. Joe Manchin also gave an insight into his views with regard to the infrastructure plan of President Biden. It is to be noted that the estimation of the plan is 2 trillion USD. Joe Manchin stated the fact that he is ready to show support for the plan of President Biden given the fact that it gets updated to a version that is “more targeted.” As he stated his views, he also indicated the veto powers that he has when it comes to the package. 

It is to be noted that the proposal of the President has fewer provisions when it comes to the items of traditional infrastructure. It includes a total amount of 400 billion USD to be allotted to the aging citizens of America and the ones with disabilities as caregiving.