Manchin To Vote For Deb Haaland As The Interior Secretary

Deb Haaland
Deb Haaland

Joe Manchin announces this Wednesday, February 24th that he will give his support to Deb Haaland to confirm her position as the Interior Secretary of the State.

The Senate Chairman of Energy and Natural Resources, Joe Manchin decided to support President Biden’s choice candidate for the said post. He is known to be a key Democrat from West Virginia. Therefore, his support for Deb Haaland has boosted his nomination. This was essential after the grilling confirmation hearings that Haaland went through for two days straight.

Manchin’s Wednesday statement mentioned that Deb Haaland will be suitable for the position of the Secretary of the Interior. More than that, he believes, that Haaland will uphold the task dedicatedly for every American. He further said that he “will vote to confirm her.”

Deb Haaland Grilled During Confirmation Hearings

Extending his support, Manchin further claimed that it would be a delight to work with Deb Haaland to protect public lands. He looks forward to ensuring the optimum use of their natural resources in a bipartisan manner.

Despite Manchin’s extension of support, it still remains unclear if Haaland will have the required votes for the confirmation. Matters have become unclear after Manchin reportedly opposed the selection of Neera Tanden, another Joe Biden pick, as the leader of the Management and Budgets Office. However, many believe that Manchin’s support in the case of Deb Haaland may turn things around for her.

The news of Manchin’s support came after she defended her selection earlier this Wednesday during the confirmation hearing. Several sources suggest that the hearing did not work well for the Democratic congresswoman as she was grilled for her record by Republicans. Her past records and statements were brought to light and her politics was rendered liberal and partisan during the hearing.

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