NKorea puts border city in lockdown over suspected outbreak

On Sunday, the North Korean state media announced that Kaesong has been put under strict lockdown after an individual with coronavirus symptoms was caught. 

This is the first possible case of COVID-19 in the country, according to North Korean media. The claim has been suspected to be untrue by many medical experts from outside the country. 

The North Korean government declared a total lockdown on Friday. 

Officials have stated that the man with the coronavirus symptoms had fled the country some years back and illegally entered North Korea last week. They further revealed that a blood sample of the individual has been taken. Moreover, everyone that he has had contact with has been put under isolation as well. 

The administration held an emergency meeting, where it was decided that the Kaesong region will be considered a state of emergency. 

The article reported Kim Jong-un saying that he had to take, “the preemptive measure of totally blocking Kaesong City and isolating each district and region from the other within July 24 afternoon just after receiving the report on it.”

Several foreign medical experts have raised concerns over the devastation a pandemic can cause to the already fragile human condition of North Koreans. 

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