Joe Manchin Uses His Decisive Vote To Coerce The Democratic Party

Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin has spent much of last year using his decisive note to manipulate the Democratic Party on key issues and has been as villainized by the liberals as Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell, or the Republican-controlled Supreme Court.

Activists have aggressively protested Joe Manchin’s policies that have always been on a tangent with the party’s position. He has been more Republican in many of his policies than the GOP camp itself.  He has been accused of being anti-woman, anti-Black, anti-child, and anti-immigrant.

He has been consistently untrustworthy and has intentionally sabotaged the President’s agenda time and again. And the finger of suspicion has always turned to his wealthy backers, especially in the oil and energy sector. He has been heavily involved in the energy industry and owns a coal company himself.

But he has been evasive or dismissive when confronted about the dramatic increase in his political contribution from the coal and oil and gas interests. That has been directly responsible for influencing his voting decision, though the maverick Democrat has denied the allegations.

Joe Manchin’s Success In Conservative West Virginia Has Made Him Invulnerable

Joe Manchin has either strung along his party for long with little intention of supporting reforms. At times, he has given misleading indications to colleagues that he was on board only to reverse his position on multiple occasions.

Joe Manchin remains the most electorally successful Senator of Congress. He has managed to win the most difficult seat. He has repeatedly won a statewide election in West Virginia as a Democrat. This despite Trump winning Virginia by 39 percentage points in 2020, more than any other state except Wyoming.

But then Joe Manchin made it possible for the Senate to pass the most ambitious climate bill in US history.  This bill if implemented will accomplish almost as much reduction in greenhouse gases as the original proposal by President Biden. The bill is also expected to reduce inequities in access to health care and bring down the prices of prescription drugs.

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