Florida Republicans Attempt To Pass ‘Stop Woke Act’ Blocked By Court

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A crucial segment of a Republican law that seeks to define and control how all categories of organizations can address gender, race, and nationality has been blocked by a federal court judge. This crucial provision of Florida’s ‘Stop WOKE Act‘ also applies to private businesses. This part of the act was blocked in court.

The ruling that went against the law had the strong backing of Ron DeSantis. This Republican act was opposed by two companies in Florida, Primo Partners, the Ben & Jerry franchisee, and Honeyfund.com, the honeymoon registry company. A consultant on diversity was also part of the case.

These parties have said that this law limits the debate on “White man’s privilege” and various other issues of racial bias at diversity training. This, they argued, was a transgression against free speech.

The Republican Backed Individual Freedom Act Signed By Florida Governor This Year

 The Individual Freedom Act was backed to the hilt by the Republicans and signed by Governor DeSantis. It has become the latest of the flash points among lawmakers and business owners. Florida has been thrown into the center of the growing dispute about how far lawmakers and businesses can intrude on this issue which has deep divisive consequences.

It has even gone to the top of what CEOs are discussing these days. The Republican law strives to regulate how different organizations, including businesses, are allowed to address gender, nationality, and race. It goes so far as to prohibit employers from compelling workers to join diversity training if it would supposedly make them guilty or even uncomfortable about their historical past.

The law also seeks to ban any talk that refers to advantages or detriments that are linked to race. The Republicans want to establish that they are protecting the right to free speech by limiting discussions.

But Northern Florida US District Court Judge Mark Walker has held that this law was a distorted version and something that one might discover in an alternative universe. Experts feel that the government of Florida does not have a credible answer to its decision to restrict this sort of speech.

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