Social Security Season Has Begun

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May has been the month of receiving payments. This year’s social security just started last week. This payment totally depends on when you started receiving security payments. Also, when is your birthday?

If you recently started receiving checks it will be late or early compared to others who have been receiving them for a long time.

There is also a distinction between social security and SSI. With missing stimulus checks and state government-issued payments things got confusing. 

All older people have been tirelessly waiting for their payments to arrive. They have become impatient lately.

Particular Dates Released For Social Security Payments

The first one was released on May 3rd. The first SSDI was for those who have been receiving these checks since 1997.

This is also applicable to those who also receive SSI.

10th May, Tuesday issues for the people whose birthday falls between the 1st to 10th of a month.

Third term SSDI issues on 17th May. Again this depends on birthdays. Social security claimants who were born between the 11th to 20th of the month tend to receive them.

24th May is the d-day for 21st to 30th or 31st. The first payment usually happens on the second Wednesday of the month. The same way happens to all those who are waiting on their SSDI. The second payment comes on the third Wednesday. The fourth and last part came last Wednesday. There is a difference in dates between social security and SSI.

SSI usually comes on the first day or week of the month. Without any reason, it usually doesn’t get delayed. However, there are exceptional cases when a recipient makes a mistake in their applications.