John Fetterman Finally Is On The Path Of Recovery

John Fetterman

The democratic party representative John Fetterman has been suffering from depression. He has been discharged from the military hospital. Where he has been under medical care. Getting treatment for severe depression. Depression is common in every other person. This disrupts one’s life, that person would never be thought of. He will begin his work after the easter break when the senate house starts working.

John Fetterman Can’t Wait To Get Back To His Duties

He is a father and a husband. More important he is a senator. John Fetterman said he feel well now. He wants to prove to his residents that he is worthy. He will prove his worthiness and let the residents know that they did choose the right candidate. John Fetterman was severely struggling to deal with it every day. He got himself checked in the hospital.

However, he was not suicidal. But he lost his appetite and continuously struggled with weight. Which led to extreme weight loss. John Fetterman survived his worst thoughts and now he has recovered. He released a statement that consists of how depression is a serious matter.No one should ignore it at any cost. This is treatable and treatment does work.

This was a general statement where John Fetterman showed his concerns about depression. Even he did mention how people in red and blue counties are suffering from depression. He has advised them to get treatment.

He has faced depression throughout his life till now. His lack of appetite ignited the depression more. The initial effect was his loss of appetite and dizziness all day. John Fetterman cannot wait to get back to his father’s duty. He missed his home the most perhaps. He missed his wife. He is likely to rejoin the senate after easter break.