That’s Not A Stroke? John Fetterman’s Condition Revealed From Test Results

John Fetterman

The hospital test results have finally brought out some sigh of relief as a spokesman to United States Senate Democrat announces it wasn’t another stroke.

State Senator John Fetterman Assures To Be In Good Condition

The Pennsylvania Senator was rushed into the hospital on Wednesday after he was informed to he was feeling lightheaded, he remained there up until Thursday night. Swarming back into his office, it was just last month in May that he got down with a stroke mid-election, causing him to stay in recovery during most of his campaign.

The victory of John Fetterman resulted in Democrats being handed a wafer-thin majority for the upper-class chambers in Congress. Communications director to Fetterman, Joe Calvello reported news on Thursday stating that the senator’s latest MRI scan along with several other tests the hospital has decided to rule out the possibility of stroke.

Cavello revealed while at present there are no signs of any seizures whatsoever, senator John Fetterman is under constant monitoring with an electroencephalogram or better known as EEG. The state democrat was rushed to George Washington University Hospital on the night of Wednesday as he began to feel nauseous. 

The spokesman assured the lawmaker is in good condition currently and has been in touch with his family and staff. In the month of May, John Fetterman effortlessly won the nominations of the democratic house for an open seat at the United States Senate in Pennsylvania, striking within four days following his stroke. 

Reports have confirmed that he underwent a three-hour-long surgery during his primary contest win and had to spend 9 days entirely at the hospital. In accordance with the doctor’s word, the 53-hitting Senate had atrial fibrillation or an irregular heart rhythm causing the stroke.

Since then, John Fetterman has returned back to his campaign trails in August whilst there’s still significant speech impairment, and health issues being the primal focus of the increasingly tense race.