John Lewis Voting Rights Bill Blocked By Republicans

John Lewis
John Lewis

The Republicans in the Senate went all the way to jeopardize the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act on Wednesday- when they denied it the 60 votes that were needed to pass the bill.

The voting bill is quite important and it narrowly missed the mark back in August, with a complete absence of Republican support. The filibuster this time around has provided the Democrats with a bad hand as they have continuously struggled to fight the wave of new voting restrictions taking place in Republican-controlled states. 

John Lewis Voting Rights Bill May Find Stiff Opposition

The John Lewis Voting Rights bill was the brainchild of a bipartisan group of senators who have spent the last couple of months revising the doctrines of the bill after which they put forward a revised version on Tuesday which aimed towards building far broader support in the Senate.

The revised bill will be introducing quite a few changes to the original voting rights measure- which primarily includes the clarification of what factors courts would be considered while determining if Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act has been completely violated. 

President Joe Biden came forward and stated that the provisions in the John Lewis bill have already passed the Senate with quite an overwhelming support from the bipartisan around five times. He further added that the right to vote in this country was constitutional and sacred- it was fundamental to every other right. He further asked the Senate to have both a debate and then a vote- which would help iron out the details. 

Despite the bipartisan group of Senators bringing about some major compromise in the John Lewis voting rights bill, it might not get passed without any Republican support.